The Marble Gallery provides one of the best selections of handcrafted art. Visitors gather to marvel at the life-size carvings displayed in the sculpture garden. A step inside the largest gallery in town is where shoppers can find locally made jewelry, pottery, paintings, and other gifts throughout the exhibit room. The owners, Christy and Mario, are proud to celebrate over 25 years in business and strive to support over 15 local Colorado artists through their storefront.

620 W. Park St., Marble, CO 81623
(970) 963-7117 |


Gary Bascom has worked for the Marble Quarry for 20 years.  His passion for the stone has lead to his business of assisting sculptors and others in finding the right stone for their needs.  The Abstract Marble and Gift Shop provides stone for sculptors and landscapes, cutting boards, memorial headstones, benches, gifts and specialty products.  Open from May to October.  Appointment recommended.  Send an email or call for additional information.

303 W. Park St., Marble, CO 81623
(970) 963-1318 |


We started Marble Candle Company in October 2019 as a small way to “pay it forward”. Right now $2.00 from every purchase is being held for a donation at the end of the year to the Pediatric Cancer Charities of Colton’s and Torin’s choices. Eventually we are hoping to expand our line to include candles to represent each special child that has become “Family” on our journey, with that purchase’s donation portion, being donated to a charity for that child’s specific disease. 

(970) 963-1133