Penny Hot Springs is free, and just off of Highway 133 on the left. It is a natural spring (sometimes au natural,) emerging from the Crystal riverbank, right into the river. Bathers have stacked rocks to make dams and walls that form pools. If the pools are too hot just remove some rocks to let in more river water. An ongoing marvel of communal engineering!

The spring water can be hot enough to scald – 130 degrees – where it enters the pools, which are 15-20 feet across and 2 feet deep. Just across the river, a herd of bighorn sheep often graze in the meadow!

Dan Penney owned a small hotel upstream on Avalanche Creek, and his guests would bathe at the hot springs, and make use of the bathhouse Mr. Penney erected there

In the 60's people began to bathe in the nude, which led the neighbors to bulldoze the bathhouse and even pour tar and large boulders into the pools. Still, people came and cleaned up the springs, and it reverted to its natural state. There is no caretaker, so please clean up after yourself so the next bathers can also enjoy the springs.

There are no signs for Penny Hot Springs. They are 3.2 miles north of the main (south) entrance to Redstone. Look for mile marker 55 and the parking turnout.

A half-mile west of Penny Hot Springs on Highway 133 are some more developed hot springs at the Avalanche Ranch. There is a charge for the Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs.