Marble Manners

Noise: Quiet please after 10PM. A little sound goes a long way here.

Wildlife Awareness: Do not feed, chase or touch the wildlife. That goes for your dog too. They can be fined. So can you.

Fire Safety: Every Summer Marble posts fire bans affecting your use of BBQs, campfires and fireworks. When visiting please know our current regulations posted on the firehouse chalkboard.

Back-Country Driving Etiquette: The Jeep trail to Crystal and around the Lead King Loop is a bad, cliff-side, one-lane road going two ways. When you meet a vehicle face-to-face, the uphill vehicle reverses uphill to a safe, wide area for passage. Towing your vehicle out of Lead King is expensive.

ATV Etiquette: ATVs must be driven by licensed drivers. Period. In-town speed limit is 15MPH. Obey the laws, please. See this page for more information.

Bathroom Etiquette: Bathrooms (Millsite Park and the Hub) and porta-potties are available at public venues around town. Isolated areas in Marble may look like wilderness, but it’s still somebody’s yard. Don’t be that guy.

Wilderness Etiquette: Our local Forest Service Representative once said: “Our #1 problem is #2.”. The wilderness rule is: “Leave no trace.”, so bury waste or pack it out. Also: stick to trails and roads, don’t take anything and leave the flowers.

Equestrian Etiquette: When you meet horses on the road or trail, slow wa-ay down and anticipate sudden movements. On wilderness trails saying “Hello” puts both horses and people at ease.

Beaver Lake: Boats cannot be left overnight. Motorized watercraft are prohibited. Take all trash with you.

Hunting and Fishing: As of July 1st, 2020 a valid hunting or fishing license will be required for everyone 18 or older attempting to access any State Wildlife Area or State Trust Land leased by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. This includes Beaver Lake, which is a wildlife area acquired using hunter and angler funds. If you love and care about spaces like these, the relatively small cost of a license is a great way to put that love into action and your contributions will help offset the cost of keeping the area beautiful for generations to come! For more information, see the news release. You can purchase a license online here.

Cellphones and Safety: Marble is a cell-free zone. There is a 911-only phone at the fire station. Emergency services are an hour away by car. Winter back-country skiers should carry avalanche beacons and/or satellite phones.

Planning: You are at high altitude. Carry water and hydrate excessively. Plan your outings. Use a topo map. (It’s all uphill from here!) For local business and service listings as well as ideas for a wonderful time in Marble, browse this site and follow The Marble Hub on Facebook.

Pets: Marble probably seems like heaven to dogs, lakes for swimming, trails for hiking, fields for romping, and barely a trace of pavement. Many of the inns, lodges, cabins and private home rentals in Marble are pet friendly. Leash laws apply in town and in the US Forest. Local Veterinarian, Susan Weber, DVM, is available weekdays, evenings and on weekends by appointment. She will come to you and can be reached at 963-1027. Please be responsible for your pet and clean up after them.