Marble is currently closed to Out-of-County Visitors and Non-Essential Workers by Law


Gunnison County Coronavirus Resources have the most recent updates and more detailed information.


Local Business Statuses:
Marble Campground: Closed
Mill Site Park Bathroom: Closed
The Hub: Closed
Lodging/Short-Term Rentals(STRs): Currently closed to all Out-of-County (Non-Essential) Visitors
Guides and Outfitters
: Currently closed except by exemption to Gunnison County residents, nonresident 2d homeowners, in-County essential workers.
Restaurants: Open for Take-Out Only.
Retail : Open to 10 or fewer customers at a time.

Lodging/STRs Open to All Visitors, 50% occupancy cap (for distancing)
Guides and Outfitters Open to All Visitors

Lodging/STR Occupancy cap increases to 75% Capacity

Lodging/STRs Occupancy cap increases to 100% cap

Marble’s businesses appreciate your cooperation and understanding with regard to Gunnison County re-opening timelines and social distancing protocols and regulations. Our establishments are working hard to comply with State and County health guidelines. Our businesses are making hand sanitizers, wipes, and other conveniences made available for your use. You should expect to wear a mask while inside public areas of commercial establishments.
Thank you so much!