Local Artists in Marble

Mario Villalobos - is a self-taught marble sculptor, crafting lamps, wine racks, bookends, coolers, clocks and abstract art throughout his many years in Marble. He and his wife Christy own and operate the Marble Gallery. Mario knows all the folklore of the valley, and has written several childrens' books, including the acclaimed "The Whistler" about a local yellow-bellied marmot. We call them 'whistle pigs' due to their sound and shape. But don't be calling Mario 'whistle pig' due to his sound and shape!


Connie Hendrix - is a painter, sculptor and teacher who creates gorgeous watercolor paintings. …is in public and private collections. She has achieved signature status of the Southern Watercolor Society and the Tennessee Watercolor Society. She offers group and private classes. Connie is also a prominent stone sculptor and exhibits at the annual Loveland Sculpture In The Park Show. Her work is represented in galleries throughout the US and is in public and private collections. Her marble angel can be seen as you pass the Marble Community Church.


Rex and Vickie Branson - are both award winning wood carvers and master stone sculptors. They have produced numerous white marble statues from human figures, horses, bears, eagles to planets and space ships. They also do custom headstones, and many commission works. You can find their sculptures at the Marble Charter School, the Redstone General Store, the Beaver Lake Lodge, and every gallery in the valley!


Madeline Wiener - is the Director of the MARBLE/marble sculpting symposium held here every summer in July and August.  MARBLE/marble is an intensive (some say intense) class/ workshop/ carving festival. Madeline has sculpted many large stone monuments across the United States.