Marble Charter School

MARBLE Charter school

418 West Main St.
Marble, CO 81623
Phone: (970) 963-9550

Philosophy of Marble Charter School

Each child is respected as a unique individual at the Marble Charter School.  We believe that this promotes choice, trust and independence.  By creating a supportive learning environment, we help children to reach their full potential, and we champion growth mindset.  We encourage the use of observation, questioning and experimentation as a means of gaining knowledge.  Our combination of personalized instruction in core academics with project-based learning allows students to grow and apply their skills in a real-world setting.

Marble Charter School History & Curriculum

                Marble Charter School is a public, K - 10th grade charter school under the Gunnison Watershed School District, nestled in the heart of Marble, Colorado.  Our charter was granted in 1995 when parents and community members sought to open a local, community-oriented school in Marble.  

            Marble Charter School provides student-centered, multi-age classrooms.  Teachers really know their students and their families, and are able to challenge and support each student as they learn deeply, progress at their own pace, and pursue their passions.  We believe in growth mindset; everyone can learn, provided they practice and focus on their goals.  We believe in experiential education; we travel outside our school doors frequently, whether venturing down the road to the lake or across the country.  We provide students with hands-on, real-life learning scenarios.  MCS meets or exceeds state requirements in all measurable areas for both our elementary and middle grades.

 CURRICULUM:  Our curriculum is unique, in-depth, interactive & project-based to keep students engaged and passionate about learning.

 ACCELERATED ACADEMICS:  Our staff knows each student well, and we work one-on-one and in small groups, accelerating students’ learning rate.  Our school consistently scores higher and shows more growth on standardized tests than the state average. 

 SUPPORT SYSTEM:  Our school is safe and nurturing, focused on teamwork & problem solving.  Our staff really cares deeply for each student.  We believe in the growth mindset - that every child can succeed. 

 FLEXIBILITY:  Our classrooms are multi-age with fluid grade levels, and we have a flexible yet challenging program that fits every child’s needs, goals, & learning styles.

 EXPLORATIONAL LEARNING:  We offer incredible outdoor education trips, extended learning trips and opportunities to explore the world outside the classroom.